Randall M. Faulkner

President, Faulkner Computing


Some of my favorite places on the Web...

MindSpringMindSpring's Home Page
Frank's Win 95 PageFrank's Windows 95 Page
NONAGs SiteNONAGS - A great place to look for software
NetscapeNetscape's Home on the Web
IntuitIntuit's Home Page
4-day ForecastThe 4-day forecast for my area
MicrosoftMicrosoft's Home Page
Owens Martial ArtsOwens Martial Arts, Inc. Page
My BookmarksRandall's Bookmarks

Interests: Working with computers, spending days as the Production Supervisor at the Atlanta Public Schools, playing with our dogs Jack and Oreo, studying Taekwondo at Owens Martial Arts with the three oldest children, and just spending time with my favorite people:

William, Stephanie, Julia, Rebekah, Elizabeth, and Scott!

My Family

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